Thursday, May 22, 2008

Strange Family Currents

For some reason Father is driving Sister1 NUTS and I am the appointed relief valve (which I am glad to be)

A little background is in order I guess.

Dad turns 74 on June 4th. And we are lucky he is happy, healthy and doing ok.

Sister1 retired this week (at the age of 52) after working for 28 years for the Texas State School System where she worked her way up to unit director.

A little more background. The Texas State School System ain't really schools. It is a nice metaphor for mental hospital.

The woman is a saint (and some people say growing up with me gave her great training for her line of work)

So anyway Dad is getting older and has a lot of time to worry. Sister1 just wants to spend a month not worrying about anything until she figures out what her next step in life is.

And here I am as non-partisan therapist.

I don't mind the role it's just kinda new.

When I was young I never really thought about me getting older or my siblings, or my parent(s).

And now I'm having discussions with the Sisters about "what happens if?" (and y'all know there are a lot of "ifs" in our family right now)

And that's a good thing. It's just odd as me and the Sisters turn into the Parents and Dad is now the one we talk about thinking about "his future".

I'm lucky we have a strong family and I know we'll make this adjustment as we have all the others it's just kind of a weird feeling.

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