Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm Missing Battlestat Galactica For This?

Yes I was and Yes I am.

Michele (Sister2) finished up 2 days of a lot of test today. MRIS EMIS CKGS and everything else,

Funny when you have no idea what is going on it's easier to be positive.

"Well we just don't know could be an ingrown toenail"

But as the this week went by and the tests were coming in the back of my brain occasionally I slipped into "WORSE SCENARIO MODE"

Sheri and I being alot alike I figured she was going through this as well.

So we just talked for an hour.

Michele came up and what we will do if it's bad news but mostly we talked about how we are a family and how we will be there for each other regardless if Michele has bad news or I get hit by a bus tomorrow and they have to deal with me being gone.

I know you are probably tired of hearing this but I have a great family which frankly alot of times I'm not sure I deserve.

But we'll pull through whatever happens to any of us.

While part of me is sad and worried another part of me is feeling very grateful at the same time.

So I guess I'll catch up on BSG tomorrow after golf and deal with a brand new day and see what happpens.