Wednesday, August 3, 2011


this has been pissing me off for a long time so tonight i decided to use my ancient portable computer machine to save the government 54 MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR
(and yes I am sure I am not the first person to run these numbers)
Drop congressional and presidential and VP salaries from 174K and above to 100K each (hey they still have to eat)
Charge members of the house and senate who live in their damn office $1000.00 a month rent, up the gym membership from $20.00 to $1020.00 a month and for ex members $5000.00 a month (hey K street will pay it for the access)
(and for the exes this figure does not include staff salaries etc etc)
Since I am bad with "teh google" this doesn't count what we pay for their health care. Lets let them pay for their own damn insurance

54 million. A lot of money. Pell grants anyone? Or how about repaying Social Security? Or a whole lot of other uses for "our" money we give these idiots

I am also pretty sure that would cover fixing the potholes in my street

Monday, January 31, 2011

Maybe It Is Time To Stop Being Angry

My sister Sheri sent me one of "those" books on death and dying and blah blah blah with a nice note saying it really had helped her deal with Michele's death.

I was telling a friend about the book tonight and he asked if I was going to read it.

"No I'm not done being angry yet." I answered.

Tonight I complimented myself on how profound I was for knowing this about me.

Wow I've got this all under control. Process step B underway. No problems here.

And then I really thought of something.

I'm afraid if I stop being angry I won't have anything left.

I know something else is there I just can't seem to see it right now.

Michele would SO kick my ass if she saw me doing this.