Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Groove Back? Maybe

I think I have mentioned before (and yes a real blogger would insert a link here)that growing up in the stone age before I-Pods, HDTV, cars that were rolling entertainment centers and if you wanted to change the channel in the teevee you got up off your ass and turned a /wait for it/......a DIAL ZOMG

And in this prehistoric time we rotated grilling out on the weekends at each other's houses.
And this "grilled" into me (man I make myself laugh sometimes)that when you had a place to call home it wasn't home until you had a real grill.

AND knew how to cook on it.

Lots of years and state and city regulations later after my first grill (long story involving Jessica, Houston and all that that I don't feel like getting into) when I bought my cardboard box that I now own the first thing I bought was a grill.

And then ignored it.

Something has changed lately. I'm getting back to cooking out.

Just a burger or hot dog or some chicken. Nothing much.

But maybe it is a start to getting someplace I need to get back to.

And you know what? It hasn't been the worse food I've ever grilled!


Bob said...

Way to go, Brotha.

Christina said...


Brave Sir Robin said...

Man . .

Fire . . .



Jennifer said...

Next time I see you I expect a homemade peanut butter & bacon sandwich, fresh off the grill.