Saturday, May 24, 2008

Check your Voice Mail or We'll Call the Cops on You!

My Sister-the-PhD-Student, herein after called STPhDS, lives by herself in Southern Texas. She has very regular habits, some of which are talking to my parents regularly if not daily, obsessively keeping her voice mail cleared and being on the computer.

So, earlier this week, we heard from her on Monday and then...nothing. No word at all. We called and her voice mail was full. We kept calling all Thursday and early Friday and we got nothing. We e-mailed and no response. We really started to get worried.

My dad was planning a trip 4 hrs south to her house to go check on her which I described as moronic when they refused to call the police to do a courtesy check first. I guess they saw it my way and called the police. Seriously, what is white, middle-class privilege for if not to use when you have it?

STPhD lives alone, as I said before, and is about 5'0" tall and 110# if she has rocks in her pocket. (To illustrate, she was THRILLED in 4th grade when she finally topped 50#. No, I'm not kidding. For comparison, The Boy is in the first grade and weighs 62#.) She happens to live in an area of the state that is as red as blood and is not quite the Typical Girl Next Door; instead she seems to be attracted to that type of girl. This worries us greatly. I'd feel so much better if she'd move to Austin, personally but that just isn't possible right now.

The police did a good bit of detective work, following her car registration to her PO box to her new apartment address. They found her car in the parking lot and were checking the VIN number against what we had given them. (My dad sold her the car so that's why we knew that information.)

STPhD, putting down the book that she hadn't been able to put down all week, looked out her window and saw someone messing around her car so she went to grab the baseball bat she keeps next to the door for just such an occasion. (Because a pocket-sized lesbian with a baseball bat is oh so intimidating, you know.) There was a knock on her door and she opened it.

There was a fully uniformed police officer looking down at her.

He said, "Call your mother."


pidomon said...

Oh WOW I needed that laugh

Glad that she's OK

Anonymous said...

I laughed til I cried. I'm glad, too, that our sister is okay.

Brave Sir Robin said...


Call your mother.

That's some funny shit.