Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holding Pattern

I'm supposed to be moving in, what? Like 48 hours? And yet there's no point in packing anything. Repeatedly carrying things to the car till it's full and driving down to the apartment on the appointed day(s) makes more sense than putting stuff in big square boxes that won't fit in the back seat. And which I don't have anyway. The boxes, I mean.

I don't even know for sure when it'll be, since my plans say "Monday" but my future landlady kind of needs to call me back and say when she'll be available for general contract-signing and deposit-paying and key-presenting before I can really be sure.

So here I sit, making scones and reading Douglas Adams and letting the girls watch all the Muppet videos they want since I can neither think of, nor motivate myself to do, anything more productive than that.

Which I guess makes a kind of sense, but you have to reeeeally want to see it. Rather in the same way that this probably makes sense, should one care to think hard enough about it:

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pidomon said...

made perfect sense to me