Thursday, July 31, 2008

So I have Some Dust On A Lamp

You wanna make sumin of it? Do YA?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Be Shocked. I Have An Idea

OK y'all can mull this over while I'm greeting the great unwashed masses in San Diego.
In between dealing with people today who just figured out they or I am about to be gone for a week my thoughts went to our blogs.

There are the 5 of us listed as contributors (even though, sadly, it seems Portly has been stuck in the meat world for far too long)

And then I think there a few other people who are in our mutual orbit.
Burning Prairie
Brave Sir Robin
And maybe a few more I'm leaving out.

So hows bout a "blog switch day"?

We plan it enough ahead and we all write a post for each others blog.
No we dont give out passwords etc it would be done via email (or I Phone if you have one :)) and on one day we all posts other peoples writing at our places with the usual links etc.

Since we five rule the island we make up the rules, invite who we want and go from there.

Maybe it's a bad idea and it was more ti think about something than comic books and conventions but after a couple fine imported Belgium ales it kind of appeals to me.

What think all of you?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yep, Pretty Much

Except, well, I'm a dude....

You Act Like You Are 31 Years Old

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You're responsible, wise, and have enough experience to understand a lot of the world.

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You are figuring out what you want... and how to get it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thysysphian Converse

The following is a direct transcript of a "status conversation"* that took place today, over a four hour period, between two supposed grownups.

Bob: Flargle razmitsif!
Jen: Fling waddle clip
Bob: /nods/ Yep, that's it exactly.
Jen: Smashis crawp pru thysysphy
Bob: Razr! Bliff norgush wal pliffy!
Jen: /Fragwess/ Klimpet snaragon twanzy.
Bob: Snaragon flazny? Cojrig mofe labbis.
Jen: Grimplet strabbit foos. Twilup pagglist mar bulidep...
Bob: (Jaznit reebly) Marschk o dlappisney.
Jen: Vlinto sparinad...postrimex exto fin pwaddle. 9.9
Bob: FHF! Nyl priznat wabby. /ghusch/
Jen: Brrcafi > Nucafi? Diyo. Diyo san.
Bob: Diyo san, mrajif.
Jen: Plentif sprawnix zyglio, sprit twiz braddle. Pio blund :)
Bob: Shazliffit. ;)
Jen: Crogimot limbal. Zyble!
Bob: Mallafah!

Hey, we knew what we were saying!

*(if you don't get it, you obviously don't have GMail.)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm Not Worried But Edition......

As I said in my lame post last night I talked with Michele who said she would never go through anything like radiation again.

And we briefly talked about Mom's decision to opt out of chemo. And reminded ourselves that we all supported that decision.

And I did my best to let her know that whatever decision she makes she has the same support from her brother, sister, and father.

And tonight on the way home I cried a bit. (Or a lot depending on how you look at it :))

People die every day in ways that are much more horrific than what my sister is going through.

But in the end what it comes down to is my sister is going to die.

Probably before me, before Dad, before Sheri, before her husband and wonderful kids.

But even if that happens she will always be with us and we will support her and whatever decisions she makes.

It is not me being filled up with radioactive crap and going to the bathroom and throwing up at the same time.

It is not me looking at 2 wonderful children wondering how much longer I have with them.

It is just not me. It may be someday but not right now.

So the living live, the sick try to get better, and I have to, have to believe that the majority, not just in this country, but in the fracking world are all working just a bit harder to make it a better place.

We will never run for Senate or the House or Mayor.

We will never try to persuade people to give us power and trust us with that power.

But what we will do is hold out our hand to that one person who needs it.

And hope that turns into another hand, and another and another.

And if it does not at least we know we held our hand out and will again

That is the strength of the human race.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friends Helping Friends

This is how we help each other here on the Island. It's how we roll.

Christina: Should I take an $1800 flex medical spending account amount or a $2400 flex medical spending account amount?

it will be spent, have no doubt, so no worries about losing money.

BUT, it means my deduction goes from $150/mo to $200/mo.

Bob: I know nothing of what you speak.

Christina: BUT, it's pre-tax, so I'll actually see probably about $25 less in my paycheck.

Bob: Sounds suspiciously like something that someone with a real job would have. I have no experience in such things.

: AND, we may have merit raises this year which would pay for that...Okay. I'm going for the $2400. Thanks for talking it over with me Bob.
You are a huge help.

Bob: Any time!

Friends helping friends. That's what it's all about, right? (And yes, we actually discuss riveting things like that and Travian on chat all day long. Welcome to the Island. ;)

By way of...that other 3P0. You know the one.

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You are part Luke Skywalker. You are adventurous and love to be where the action is. Your curiosity runs wild and you have to seek out the answers to all your questions or else you will not be at peace. People see you as a great leader, although you are uncomfortable with this because you don't see yourself the same way. You just believe in being honest and focusing on the good in the world. You are sweet and lovable and have many friends that would be lost without you.

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