Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Mom Chats With Her Son

2:11 PM me: Hi, Buddy!
The Boy: hi
me: I got an e-mail from [The Boy's teacher].
2:12 PM He says, "Tell him to feel better soon."
2:16 PM The Boy: i will talk to you later
me: Why?!? Don't you want to talk to your mama?
2:17 PM The Boy: yes.
me: Yes, what?
2:19 PM The Boy: yes i do.
me: What is on the TV?
2:21 PM The Boy: jonny test.
2:22 PM me: Is it good?
2:23 PM The Boy: yes.
me: What is next?
2:27 PM The Boy: i am playng a game.
2:28 PM me: What game?
2:31 PM The Boy: a ninja game.
2:32 PM me: Cool!
Are you winning?

12 minutes
2:45 PM The Boy: can you stop texing me.
me: Yes.
2:49 PM The Boy: thak you.