Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why I hate Large Corporations

In this case specifically Direct TV
Long story short I had to buy a $300.00 DVR so I could get High Def TV
Since I had already mortgaged my soul and first born to Circuit City to buy said Hi Def TV I was all like "Uhh OK" (even though the week before best friend got the same DVR for free)
Ok fast forward. They install the new HD Dish, they install the new DVR.
I look at my bill and see I am being charged for 4 receivers when I only I have 3.
So the cobwebs start moving in my brain "Hey maybe I'm being overcharged?"
So I email DTV and the answer is
Prove you dont have 4 receivers and oh by the way you dont own the new DVR your leasing it even though you gave us $300.00 FRACKING DOLLARS

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Brave Sir Robin said...

Dude, two words -

Dish Network.

Free Equipment.

Better Equipment.

Fewer Assholes.

This is not a paid endorsement, I just wised up after years of b.s. and I've never had better service or picture.