Monday, February 25, 2008

I've Got To Say


Most things I had hoped to accomplish at work did not happen.
When the best thing you can say about your day is "HEY I have 4 less emails than when I got in today" is not the definition of a successful day.

I've worked for my company for 19 years. The company itself is only 25 years old.

I am a senior and respected employee.
And I love my job.

But at some point I am going to have to sit down the company, Vendor "A" a few people above and below me and say "CUT THIS SHIT OUT". I can't take being caught in the middle anymore.

Yes I am sorry one person out of 2000 was short book A.

But you know what? I DIDN'T PULL BOOK A. I called everyone involved with pulling book A but hey, guess what my fat ass is in an office and when someone says "I pulled Book A" am I supposed to say "Really I think you are lying to me"?

I'll continue to work as hard as I always have but there is no reason people with the title of VP should make it any harder.

And yes I'm in a mood tonight.

But am feeling better after typing this out.

(And if you are wondering Superman would so kick the Hulk's ass)

Thanks for listening. Now off to watch a TV show about a cybernetic life form from the future.

Peace All.

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Brave Sir Robin said...

And if you are wondering Superman would so kick the Hulk's ass

Well, Duh!