Friday, July 4, 2008

Thysysphian Converse

The following is a direct transcript of a "status conversation"* that took place today, over a four hour period, between two supposed grownups.

Bob: Flargle razmitsif!
Jen: Fling waddle clip
Bob: /nods/ Yep, that's it exactly.
Jen: Smashis crawp pru thysysphy
Bob: Razr! Bliff norgush wal pliffy!
Jen: /Fragwess/ Klimpet snaragon twanzy.
Bob: Snaragon flazny? Cojrig mofe labbis.
Jen: Grimplet strabbit foos. Twilup pagglist mar bulidep...
Bob: (Jaznit reebly) Marschk o dlappisney.
Jen: Vlinto sparinad...postrimex exto fin pwaddle. 9.9
Bob: FHF! Nyl priznat wabby. /ghusch/
Jen: Brrcafi > Nucafi? Diyo. Diyo san.
Bob: Diyo san, mrajif.
Jen: Plentif sprawnix zyglio, sprit twiz braddle. Pio blund :)
Bob: Shazliffit. ;)
Jen: Crogimot limbal. Zyble!
Bob: Mallafah!

Hey, we knew what we were saying!

*(if you don't get it, you obviously don't have GMail.)


Jennifer said...

Hey, we knew what we were saying!

Wait. We did?

Anonymous said...

It helps if you're a little crazy.

Bob said...

A little crazy?

I resent that comment.

I am totally crazy.

Bleschin Florbis!!!!

PortlyDyke said...

B...b...but ... I DO have GMail!

I guess this is just what happens when you get out of the loop for too long. *sigh*

btw -- I am STILL working on my project (after setting the release date back two weeks). We had a two-day, non-stop thunderstorm (with real lightning! very rare, here), and after my last rasslin' match with a power surge, I unplugged the fucker COMPLETELY from the wall. Which is not helpful when you are doing processor-intensive video editing.

Anonymous said...

I'd noticed it off and on all day. I thought someone was having a little too much celebration.