Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Friends Helping Friends

This is how we help each other here on the Island. It's how we roll.

Christina: Should I take an $1800 flex medical spending account amount or a $2400 flex medical spending account amount?

it will be spent, have no doubt, so no worries about losing money.

BUT, it means my deduction goes from $150/mo to $200/mo.

Bob: I know nothing of what you speak.

Christina: BUT, it's pre-tax, so I'll actually see probably about $25 less in my paycheck.

Bob: Sounds suspiciously like something that someone with a real job would have. I have no experience in such things.

: AND, we may have merit raises this year which would pay for that...Okay. I'm going for the $2400. Thanks for talking it over with me Bob.
You are a huge help.

Bob: Any time!

Friends helping friends. That's what it's all about, right? (And yes, we actually discuss riveting things like that and Travian on chat all day long. Welcome to the Island. ;)

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