Monday, July 21, 2008

Don't Be Shocked. I Have An Idea

OK y'all can mull this over while I'm greeting the great unwashed masses in San Diego.
In between dealing with people today who just figured out they or I am about to be gone for a week my thoughts went to our blogs.

There are the 5 of us listed as contributors (even though, sadly, it seems Portly has been stuck in the meat world for far too long)

And then I think there a few other people who are in our mutual orbit.
Burning Prairie
Brave Sir Robin
And maybe a few more I'm leaving out.

So hows bout a "blog switch day"?

We plan it enough ahead and we all write a post for each others blog.
No we dont give out passwords etc it would be done via email (or I Phone if you have one :)) and on one day we all posts other peoples writing at our places with the usual links etc.

Since we five rule the island we make up the rules, invite who we want and go from there.

Maybe it's a bad idea and it was more ti think about something than comic books and conventions but after a couple fine imported Belgium ales it kind of appeals to me.

What think all of you?


Bob said...

I like it!!

Anonymous said...

I like it too!