Monday, March 10, 2008

Translation, Please

Do you speak Teenager(tm)? What about Silly Teenager(tm)? If so, please translate this because I don't get it.

The Girl: ok Hey can i ask u a question, if u promise not to freak out?
Christina: Probably not but go ahead.
The Girl: Promise
Christina: I can't until I know the question. Besides that's an unfair question. Am I not entitled to my emotions? Is it fair for you to attempt to preemptively dictate to me what I may or may not feel? How I may or may not react to something?
The Girl: Fine. What would u do if i applied to a mental hospital?
Christina: Applied as in for a job? Or applied as in to be a patient?
The Girl: Patient
Christina: Why do you think you need to go to a mental hospital?
The Girl: Im just asking
Christina: I would ask you why you thought you needed to go to a mental hospital.
The Girl: lol
Christina: Not saying I don't agree with you. You might benefit from an intensive in-patient stay...
Months, even.
The Girl: maybe.....
Christina: Some Electroshock therapy...
The Girl: no "Official member of the Lightbulb Lobbers Society."
The Girl: /yawn/ im tired. going to take a nap. bye.
Christina: Laundry.
The Girl: ok bye
Christina: What is the "official member" stuff about?
The Girl: Read it. did u get it?
Christina: No.
The Girl: lobbing a light bulb u kno, throwing it
Christina: Yeah, it'll shatter everywhere and make a mess.
The Girl: ::) nm ::<

Okay, what did I miss? Where did it all go wrong?


pidomon said...

I'm afraid I only speak jive and wont be able to translate this for you

PortlyDyke said...

The first rule of Speaking Teenager is:

You do not talk about Speaking Teenager.


Anonymous said...

Y'all are no help at all. (c;