Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So I Had My Mid Year Review Today

And after working at the company for 19 years there are never any big surprises.
I've worked very hard for them and they have rewarded me in a way I feel is fair

See the problem is my boss is also my best friend since college.

We've both been each others bosses before but that was before it was our "careers".

And honestly I don't want his job. I'm good at mine he is good at his.

But from my perspective it's put a strain on me and him at work as far as our professional relationship.

Now I can still go over to his place and help him mulch all the plant beds in the Spring and he can come over to my place and help me paint the living room but Monday through Friday the strain is there.

So I avoid it and he doesn't bring it up.

Will this hurt my future earnings? No. Will it hurt any advancement in the company? No.

But I don't know a way out of this unease at work with this person who I have known since 1982 and who personally we have been through so much together.

I guess I just have to accept the that this is the way it is.

He has his job to do and I have mine.

It just makes me kinda sad but I guess that's one of those changes we go through in life.

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Brave Sir Robin said...

That is sad.

Being a grownup is hard sometimes.

Make that, often.