Monday, March 10, 2008

Definitive Proof

While putting The Boy to bed tonight, he found a red thread on Silly Dog.* The Boy was about 3 when he got the stuffed animal and it was given to him by his Ahma so it quickly became That Toy(tm)--the one he wouldn't go anywhere without, the one he took with him to bed every night, the one without eyes or nose due to too much love.

He handed the red thread to me between two fingers and said, "I have found evidence...that Santa Claus is real."

I think we might watch a bit too much Discovery Channel.

*Silly Dog is actually the little white dog from the Cat in the Hat that was on sale at Kohl's about 3.5 yrs or so ago.


PortlyDyke said...

OK -- Here's a story I've thought about blogging: My friend's sister/BIL were trying to get their kids weaned from sugar, so the parents decided that all candy/sweets would only be consumed after the kids were in bed.

Robin, then 3 1/2, found the teeniest, tiniest little crimped piece of bright yellow plastic wrapper one morning, held it up to his mother and said: "Look! A Clue! But where are the M&Ms?"

I die laughing just thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

That's why Blue's Clues is evil.