Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tired of It

Wow what are the odds all the talking heads this morning were talking about Jeremiah Wright?

Out of 20 years of sermons they find three very controversial tidbits, throw them out there, and let the sharks start to circle.

Aren't we involved in two military actions overseas?
Isn't the economy going down the toilet faster than I can chug a Budweiser?
Don't we still have a resident at the White House who is blatantly violating the law and taking executive power to unseen levels?

I just think there are more important issues on the table.

On ABC This Week George S just asked "Why the racial divide? Barry X got 9 of 10 black votes in Mississippi?"

Well if I remember correctly Hillary was polling ahead of Barry X at the beginning of this campaign.

Can we finally ditch the concept of African Americans voting as some monolithic block ?

Can we get back to issues that matter?


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