Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lesson #1 in Bad Parenting (Ongoing Series)

Joe at After-School told The Boy that if you turn off the bathroom light and say "It" three times in the mirror, It will come out and get you.

Here at the Smith-Farmer house, we don't cotton to superstition (Keith's love of Supernatural and Ghost Hunters notwithstanding) so Keith took The Boy into the bathroom, shut the door and said, "It, it, it. See, boy? Nothing got us."

Which is when The Girl, being a child of mine, came by and banged the heck out of the bathroom door.

Keith screamed. The Boy lit out of there like his pants were on fire.

And me? I laughed my ass off. Bad mom. Bad, bad, bad mom.

Worry not! I shall pay for my twisted sense of humor since now The Boy is afraid of the bathroom and I have to stand outside the door while he uses it. I really hope he's over it by the time he hits puberty.

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