Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Found This Funny

So I had to take the car in to the dealer because the check engine light was on.
I don't worry about the check engine light because every time it has happened to me I either lost my gas cap or it was not on correctly and the car loss some pressure or vacuum in the line.

I took out the work order tonight to put it in my "car folder" and this is what the first 3 sentences were:
Customer states check engine light on.
Test Drove Vehicle
Check Engine light is on

Really? I brought my car in for service and it actually needed, ya know, service?
Because there is nothing I like more than to be without a car all freaking day long at work.

Turns out I needed a sensor (which the service person told me it was a hail mary they had in stock but they did).

So new sensor goes in, check engine light goes out.

But under parts they say they put in a "thruster". Hmmm if I experience any sudden uncontrolled acceleration y'all are my witness's!

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