Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fort Worth (Possibly) Here I Come

So my vacation plan for this year has been for a while to get back to Fort Worth in the Spring/Summer so I could go to Scarborough Fair

My reason for this is simple.

I really want to get back to Fort Worth for a vacation.

And go to Scarborough which we did a lot when I lived there.

Amongst my reasons....... (that was for you Bob) LOL

I will also get to see Christina (yes lunch is on at LJS BABEEEEEEEE) and also one of two ex girlfriends that I still think about to this day (the other one is in CO so she probably won't be there)

Hopefully this will all work out.

And if not I will be back there the first weekend in September when the MIGHTY MIGHTY TCU HORNED FROGS open their season at Jerry-World in Arlington!!!

I love the smell of pending vacations at 9:50 on a Wednesday evening


Anonymous said...

And I am so looking forward to seeing you and heading to the Ren fest. Haven't been in years and Dave hasn't ever been, can you believe that?

But he lived in San Fran for years and that's like a never ending Ren Fest so..

You gotta tell me who the ex is so I can talk you up while we're walking the Ren Fest and get the gears turning.

Bob said...

Nobody expects the Scarborough Inquisition!!

Really -- no one!