Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some Thoughts From My Head

Gots to love my local wingnuts on WCBM here in Balteey-More
played 2 Barry X sound bites where he said (and the order for the words are important to the wingnuts) teh following:

He said AIR-RABS before for JEWS.


And don't even get me started about his first interview (which is chronicled much better here)

And then the snow set in today. And tonight rain ice and more snow!

I think I only closed my door and screamed twice today at work. I must be getting better LOL

Dad got back from California last night so I need to give him a call this evening.

You all would be proud of me. I used the Tee Vee remote tonight. I could not handle listening to Chris "Tweety" Matthews say "contraception" one more time. So instead a couple nice reruns of Scrubs on Comedy Central.

(and as a side note obviously helping out state budgets in these hard economic times regardless if it is contraception or other things is too big a concept for most of everyone on tee vee to handle)

Have I mentioned I'm ready for golf?

And this is what you get with bad weather. Me coming home early and acting like a drunk (Dutch?) monkey with a keyboard.

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Brave Sir Robin said...


It's ben much too warm for golf here lately.


Well, not really, but it was in the 80's three days in a row last week.