Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not Sure I'm Handling This Right But I'm Trying

So this is where I find myself.
Siter1 and Sister2 both have 17 year old children who soon will be going to college.

And Dad is being harder on Sister1 and her plans on paying for college. She is a single Mom and only has the most beautiful child (I guess I should say woman) as a daughter in the entire multiverse (yes I'm biased).

Niece1 wants to go to UT. We are 18 months or so away from her going anywhere.

I think anyone who reads here or at my cardboard box underneath the overpass of the innertubes knows how much I love and respect my Father. He is the best person (ok a close tie with Mom) that I have ever known. And I realize how lucky I am to feel that way about him.

But I had to dress him down tonight.

I had to (hopefully) remind him he raised 2 great kids and me and that while being worried about Niece1 is fine and normal he should also remember to tell Sister1 "Hey I trust you know what you're doing here is my advice I love you talk soon"

And I know he does he just does not express it very well so Sister1 takes it the wrong way and here is Pido stuck in the middle with you lol.

It was a very different conversation I had with him tonight.

When he asked me "So what are you saying?" and I said it and we continued on the conversation. (That's how cool he is he didn't hang up on me :) )

I think this whole me being on the brink of being an adult is messing with me.

Can I go back to college instead of the kids? PLEASE?

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