Monday, October 27, 2008

Dinner is Prepared!

(And we helped! Are we having Meatloaf?)

Jen and Bob said we had to take pictures Sunday. Does this count?

This is me after a few Jameson's.

Here's Keith after a horrible accident in the kitchen. The brisket was unharmed.

This is Pidomon, after the Cowboys won but so did everyone else who the Cowboys needed to lose in order to up their rankings.

No, huh? Well, okay fine then. Here ya go:

We call this proof that Pido is actually an angel despite the cigarette and Budweiser. See the heavenly glow? There you go, proof of the Cowboy Angel.

And this is the two of us with the camera ham in the background. The Boy talked poor Pidomon's ear off, The Girl plugged herself into the computer and the grown ups had a few beers, watched the Cowboys win a game for a change and all of us ate some of Keith's brisket & biscuits and SOME of us had the potatoes, broccoli and cheese, California veggies and corn on the cob. SOME of us had only the brown/beige portions of the meal. ;)

It was great fun to have Pidomon over and I hope my children didn't scare him from coming back again.

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