Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Story Of Early Childhood

(It seemed so popular on the last post)

My dog Meggie would follow me every morning to the corner where the bus would pick me up and would be there waiting for me every afternoon when I came home.

She was really Dad's dog but for some reason took a liking to me.

And she was smart but unfortunately for her I was a little behind.

Back in the middle 1960's we had screen doors. Occasionally at dinner Meggie would be outside while we ate.

When she was we would hear someone politely knock on the screen door.

And I would get up, go to the door, and say "there is no one here" and Meggie would look at me like "HEY IDIOT I loves ya but let me inside!"

And I would walk back to the table leaving Meggie to wonder why she loved me so much

But she never stopped taking me to the bus stop and greeting me when I came home

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