Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Great Cheeseburger Controversy Of 2010

So as everyone knows Dad was in town.
Usually I have the "cookout" that following weekend but this year Dad came in on Friday and the next Thursday we were off to Pennsylvania to play golf so the "cookout" was going to be the day after he came in or not at all.

What this meant in the grand scheme of things was golfing Saturday morning and then back to my place to entertain about 20 folks. Not that big a deal. A little rushed but nothing I couldn't handle.

And, as usual, everyone had a good time.

Later in the week Dad and I cleaned out the grill and replaced the lava rocks all that normal gas grill maintenance that needs to be done once a year or so and he says "Steve we should grill out tonight"

Which I was so cool with.

We were out having a beer and invited two friends over as well and we are grilling baybee! YEAH!

So the burgers are on the grill like 30 seconds and Dad brings out a slice of cheese. He wanted a cheeseburger which was great and this is how the conversation went:
ME: Dad what's with the slice of cheese?
Dad: I want a cheeseburger
ME: Ok well take that slice back in and when the burgers are ready were good to go and I'll put the cheese on the burger
Dad: Well I noticed you didn't put the cheese on the burgers Saturday. We always did that you know
Me: I understand that but I had like 20 burgers on the grill and didn't know what everyone wanted so I let them put cheese on thier burgers if they wanted to inside the kitchen
Dad: Welll we always put the cheese on the burger on the grill
Me: Dad I understand that and we can do that tonight. 4 burgers 4 slices of cheese we're good but take the cheese back inside or it will melt before the burgers are ready
Dad: Grumble grumble etc cheese my day etc etc

It was to laugh at.

And if the worse thing I can say is my Dad aint happy with my cheese skills when it comes to burgers on teh grill I'm doing pretty well!


Bob said...

Ahhh, the old "When To Cheese the Burger" dilemma.

Too soon and you've cheesed the charcoal (or lava rocks, as may be), and too late the cheese doesn't properly meld with the burger.

We need a grill so's I can perform extensive -- extensive, I say -- experiments.

Jennifer said...

And a remote-controlled sunroof feature on the carport roof.