Sunday, March 22, 2009

The World Is Full Of stupid People

My cousin was in this band.

Fro some odd reason this song came on the playmix at the house of trees while we were WII Bowling, watching NCAA and Nascar.

It's no cows with guns but still I always thought it was a fun song.

Bonus fact I was drunk once and tried it a karaoke


giggles said...

I vaguely remember this song...really!! (And I agree with it's thesis!!!!) Which one was cous?! (My lame guess? 'cuz he maybe kinda a little looks like ya? The lead singer?)

giggles said...

No's the drummer, cuz he's wearin a cap with a lone star onit!

Steve said...

my cousin is the guitar player

giggles said...

Huh! Couldn't get a good look at 'im... (But that was only two strikes for me.. I'm not out yet, right?!) ;-)