Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update: It's been a year and a month

Let's take a look at that Honey-do list, shall we? (Yes, we shall.)

  1. chosen not to leave me with no gas in the car every time I turn key after him. we no longer have a car. He crashed one and blew up the other. No issues.
  2. fixed the brakes on the Kia before they actually hit the floor since they'd been grinding for the previous 4 months. again, no car.
  3. put the missing piece on my car when I started complaining that the car was idling rough and tended to stall at red lights 4 months ago. I did not know a piece had been removed that caused this problem but he did. although...I have issues with my bike that he hasn't taken care of yet...
  4. tightened the power steering belt in my car when he put said piece on, as it is squealing and I tend to lose the power steering at odd times, like in the middle of turning and other inconsequential things like that.
  5. Fixed the headlight that refuses to pop up now.
  6. fixed the laundry room door that has been off it's hinge for a year. still broken
  7. run the water line for the icemaker I've been waiting for him to do for two years. still not run
  8. fixed the bathroom and kitchen floors that have been needing replacement tiles for about 6 months. attempted in half-measures that did not work. You have to fix the hole in the floor first and not just slap a tile over it. It will punch through. I fixed the kitchen floor.
  9. fixed our bedroom drawer that broke 8 months ago. My parents gave us their old bedroom furniture. The old dressers are now tool boxes. Drawer still broken.
  10. put knobs on our freaking shower and replaced the sheeting in the tub. knobs on but sheeting not fixed.
  11. put up The Girl's shelves that she's waited on him to do for two years. Nope.
  12. fixed The Boy's busted dresser drawer before it was totally beyond repair and had to be thrown out. Drawer still broken, not fixed.
  13. taken the old lawnmower somewhere that is not my backyard. took it to the dump. Check.
  14. raked the leaves this fall. weren't raked this fall either.
  15. turned over the compost heap, even once. still has never been turned.
  16. Also? Thanksgiving 2007 we deep fried a turkey in our deep fryer. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat. However, the peanut oil in the big pot must be removed and dumped after using it, you know? That pot? With the year and 3 month old peanut oil? Is still on my back porch. I took the top off--once. Won't make that mistake again.
  17. We've now been without a bathroom sink for a month.
In a month and year, so March 2010, we shall revisit this list once again. I'm not even mad anymore. I don't understand it, will never understand it but what can I do about it? Nothing. So, I either learn to live with it or go slowly insane. Now, I can't even do it myself with the back and all.


I'm The Momma, That's Why! said...

Let's see .. .. what's that old saying? - - A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle!

Or maybe -- -- Men, can't live with them, aren't allowed to shoot 'em!

I hope you know I'm kidding! My hubby has a 'honey do' list longer than that - and I just keep adding. Once in a while, just for fun, he picks one out and does it just to keep me guessing!

He cleaned half the weeds out of a flower bed last week. Not cleaning one whole, no. He only pulled out the really BIG weeds, left the little ones for me!

Gotta love 'em!

Grannie in Florida

Steve said...

all that really matters (IMHO and the noncats) is that you love the big lug

and i didnt notice any of this stuff when i was over!

Anonymous said...

That's a truly sweet sentiment, Steve. Truly, 'tis.

Not even remotely true, but sweet all the same. :)

I did this post because he always says, "It hasn't been *that* long! You're exaggerating." Now I can say, "O, rly? Here's a date stamp and e'thang."

But, I'm thinking that I've got something of a solution. I'll ask him to do something. If it isn't done by the time I get my next paycheck, I'll hire someone to do it. So, he'll have up to a month to get the stuff done.

Anonymous said...

Grannie in Florida, really? We gotta? No choice about it?


Brave Sir Robin said...