Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lessons in Bad Parenting: Lesson 7

The Continuing Saga of Raising Children of the Corn

The Parent/Teacher conference went okay. The Boy is lazy and stubborn. We've all agreed on that. He can do the work, he just won't. /mumbles/...the bloody little git...

If the reinforcement of the importance of education and the modeling that I do myself doesn't spark the fire in him, I have no idea what will.

We're going for bribery.

"If all else fails, bribe the brat." --lesson in Bad Parenting #7


pidomon said...

i know you know this and I know this so here goes.

he's on his own timetable.

he's a good smart kid.

i know you're frustrated but i also know you believe in your son

(have i said the word KNOW enough?)

Anonymous said...

So is The Girl, smart and all that.

And yet, she's flunking everything but Algebra. Their timetables don't coincide with the rest of the world's timetables. They're gonna have to adjust because the world isn't gonna.

Before Mama kills 'em.