Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Revelations for Secretaries Day

I caught myself typing the following sentence,without irony:

I’ve written your CPT letter and left it for Dr. D's signature. However, when I was looking at your GMAP, I noticed that your TPC section GPA is less than 3.3. Were you aware of this issue?

I have been a freaking bureaucrat for too long!

Happy Secretaries Day to me and all the other folks out there who do this thankless work that turns a person into an acronym-spouting PITA to the rest of the world.


Jennifer said...

Happy day to you.

Also? As a former professional translator who had to deal with her fair share of acronyms, it never once occurred to me to blame the secretaries for the NGO-ese.

It was the stuff that the execs felt they had to write themselves that was really twisted.

I mean that linguistically, of course.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen.

I swear, sometimes, folks just don't think.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Err, that is English, right?

Anonymous said...

Nope. It's Bureauspeak.