Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas from the Island!

Dutch the Lucky Monkey here wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!

Here are a couple of Christmas Videos for you!

And of course also have a very Patrick Swayze Christmas


pidomon said...

testing stupid gravatar

pidomon said...

ok people smarter than me why is my gravatar gone?

pidomon said...

hmm did this work?

pidomon said...

ok i get gravatar some places and not others

Phydeaux said...

a) Your gravatar is not appearing here because gravatars only work with Hell-O-Scam. This is a Blogger comment thread.

2) Therefore, if you wish to have a picture with your comments (on a Blogger thread) you need to edit your Blogger profile and add one.

iii) Is this really what you meant by "adult"?

pidomon said...

you mean like this?