Wednesday, December 30, 2009

i dare you to try to read this one

ok deep breath in 1..2..3

(this will take advance PIDOSPEAK I'm thinking)

so last year dallas had to win at philly to make it to the playoffs and got thier butts handed to them and i'm in hte bar all booohoooo and philly fans were all like eat shit cowboy dude etc etc etc and there was one fan while the philly caowboy connection of instant hate was obvious as they always are it seemed like ohhhh shes nice for someone whoroots for them and oh well i must now hang ny head in shame and wait for the 2009season

fastforwardtothis year and she walks in thebar and shesdating a coolguyiknow and wetalketcetcetc and ov erhtelast coupleweeks textshit about the gamesand shes all wevabout theboy and now ihearthey arebrokenup and imall likewhatdoIdo?

shesanurseandcooland prettyandsmart and asusualmy bottomline isifi can make a new freindSWEEETbut i kindalikeher

noireallylike her buttheniworryabout ageand performanceand stuff likehtat andwehaventevenhad adate.

imthinkingimprettystupidworryingaboutstuffthat hasntevenhappened yet


Happy New Years Everyone


kkryno said...

Just be you!

Jennifer said...

Okay, that was the best IMB post *ever*.

Also, I know it's a hard habit to break, but try not to worry, B. Just ask her out and go from there.

Bob said...

That was typed all in one breath, wasn't it? :)


Anonymous said...

I repeat everything I've said already about this issue.