Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NOW I know Why Mom Has Been Yapping At Me All Day

From teh minute I got up this morning Mom has been buzzing inside my head like a bunch of bees at a honey festival (yeah you all know I don't do the metaphor thing well)

It was not a bad thing or sad thing just kinda like me and Mom talking which allowed me to let a lot of corporate crap just slide off my back today which was nice. SO I thought that was it. Ma paid a visit to just let me know she was thinking of me.

But then on the drive home it got stronger. A few happy tears were spilt and a word popped into my head.


And being the not too smart son I said to myself "Self is someone's birthday this month?"

And it is. Mom's birthday is Friday. But that wasn't why she was yammering on.

She was telling me "Call your Father. He needs to hear you say Hi and talk about the mundane, everyday things we would talk about but I'm not there and you are."

So I talked with Dad tonight for about an hour. I think it helped both of us.

Thanks Mom Love you and miss you every day and don't be shy about yapping at me again!

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Anonymous said...


smack yourself in the back of the head.