Monday, June 1, 2009

2 Months 2 days 2 Minutes What's The Difference?

Tomorrow will be two months since Michele died.

And for some reason it has been hanging over me today like the cloud that followed Pig Pen around in the old Peanuts strip.

It's just hard to believe two months ago Dad and I were in Brenham taking a quick respite from being at M.D. Anderson and having a beer on the back porch.

And then the next day there I was with my family and all the machines which had made so much noise. And then they fell silent.

I kissed Michele on the forehead and said goodbye.


PortlyDyke said...


That seems unbelievable to me -- it seems like mere days and many months, all at the same time.

I'm raising a beer on the back porch to Michele, you, and your family. I send you love and whatever prayers you want.


Jennifer said...

We'll be right here & available this evening if you want company, B.

Brave Sir Robin said...

*big hug buddy*