Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today in Psychic Children

R: Mommy, when are you going back to the other house?
Me: Well, whenever you need to be dropped off or picked up, I go there.
R: No, I mean, to live?
Me: I'm not going to.
J: Not ever?
Me: No.

...Followed by about 30 seconds of silence and then random, mostly cheerful conversations about math and science.


Showing me her art projects not an hour later:

J: And this is where you can put your ring!
Me: ...I don't have a ring.
J: *Examines my hands* Where is it?
Me: Remember, I put it in the quilt?
R: And it got lost?
(They didn't know about that)
Me: Yes, someone cut the quilt and took it.
R: Why?
Me: I guess they thought they needed a ring more than I needed my art. But then Papi gave me his ring, which was very nice of him.
J: Can I see it?


pidomon said...

dont know how to do the hugs graphic so I'll just say big hugs to you and the girls and Alex.

I believe in you

Brave Sir Robin said...


***group hug***